Fire Damage Restoration


Everyone of us knows that fire is a devastating thing to experience. On the other hand, restoring properties that have been damaged by fire is not a very easy thing to do. It actually requires keen attention and is a very difficult and complex process. Aside from that, gases from burned construction materials such as glue and solvents are undeniably threatening to anyone’s health since they are very toxic. The good news for you if you have suffered from fire loss, is we have all the equipment necessary in safely restoring your house and belongings from the ravaging effects of fire. Let our team of fire damage professionals remove soot, odor, and smoke from any of your burned properties. We guarantee that each of them will be cautiously cleaned, inventoried, photographed, and removed into our warehouse facility prior to restoring them to their original condition.

Soot Removal

16Even after any smoke damage incident, leaving your house exposed to smoke means that there is a greater chance for you to have a hard time cleaning everything out. It does not just leave a foul odor but also stains your properties such as carpets, furniture, walls, and even clothes. Soot, along with smoke, can infiltrate other rooms affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothes, and other family belongings.Moreover, experts attest that soot damage exhibits itself on surfaces almost immediately. It discolors exteriors of appliances and items made of plastic, wood, and marble within hours! That is why soot removal should be executed in the soonest possible time if you want to prevent your properties’ permanent damage.

When it comes to soot removal, our team is guaranteed to provide you with the best restoration service you deserve!

Fire and Smoke Cleanup

11While property loss due to a fire incident can be really upsetting, fire and smoke damage can also cause distress both physically and emotionally. Smoke odors, along with the water used to extinguish fire, is able to infiltrate your belongings and your house’s structure. Smoke can even flow around your plumbing systems. This often causes unimaginable damage that the duration of your properties’ restoration greatly depends on its severity. Benefit from our exceptional fire-related services such as content cleaning, board-ups, upholstery cleaning, emergency water extraction, track-mounted steam cleaning, odor removal, furniture restoration, air-duct cleanup, curtain and garment cleaning, packs out, and storage.

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