Water Damage Restoration

Outside of the bathroom and kitchen, water doesn’t mix well with the interior of your home or business. It is critical to remove any flooding and repair water damage as soon as possible to prevent mold and other future structural problems. Our experienced technicians will dry out any damp areas and restore your property as good as new. Damage caused by water is almost always an emergency, and our skilled professionals understand the importance of a fast and thorough clean up.

“High-rises, substructures, crawlspaces, homes, businesses – our crew can take on any job. We are accountable to you, not an insurance company!”- 24/7 Secured Board Up

Water will migrate to where you least expect it, but we will find it and remove it. Carpet, drywall, wood flooring – you name it, we can dry it. The last thing you need is incomplete drying & secondary loss from moisture, such as mold or dry rot.

Its pretty obvious that water damage can be a serious issue for many reasons.It doesn’t take long for water to seap in and damage some of your most valuable family possessions and structure. We have extensive water damage remediation experience and we have truly seen it all. It is imperative to remove water in a timely fashion, that is why we have emergency response crews in place. We also have long standing relationships with most insurance companies to facilitate the work without breaking your bank in added costs not covered.

We have witnessed first hand how detrimental water damage can be to a family. Therefore we truly empathize with our loyal customers. That is why we work in the quickest and most efficient manner possible so it is less intrusive for your family. But more importantly, we work to remove the moisture from your home saving you from any future mold related issues that can be very harmful to your health.

Sewage water problems, when not quickly addressed, can utterly result to major health problems. They can cause the contamination of your entire house and even your belongings. Exposure to these contaminated properties often results to giardia, hepatitis, and other major diseases. Normally, house owners who experience sewer damage hire plumbers. The problem is that plumbers usually just fix your house’s plumbing glitches and do not bother themselves with the clean up of waste water.

Since are very health conscious and  concerned about the health of those near sewage damage, we have trained our team of sewage damage technicians to become the best service providers to our urban residents. Along with addressing your sewer damage concerns, we will also clean your home thoroughly with nothing but the most efficient sanitizing processes.

24 Hour emergency water damage services

Damage to your home or business requires fast response. That’s why many of our services are available 24-hours a day including water removal and structure drying, sewage removal and treatment, gypsum concrete drying, deodorization, mold remediation, containment chambers, air filtration, bio-cleanup, and more.

Most Common Causes of Water Damage Issues in the Home:


Leaky pipes within the walls or ceiling

Slab leaks hidden within the concrete

Broken washing machine hoses & clogged drain lines

Leaks from appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters & purification systems

Supply line leaks from toilets and bathroom sinks

We offer a wide range of services to handle both large-scale flood water damage and residential pipe breaks and leakage. From emergency water extraction and water removal to structural drying, we can restore your ceilings, roofs, walls, carpets and floors to their original condition.


Water Damage Restoration – Highlights of our service:


Advanced equipment for water drying
24/7 water removal
24/7 water damage restoration
24-hour emergency service
24-hour scheduling
Restoring homes and businesses 24/7

Residents who suffer from property damages caused by natural disasters will find the help they need by our caring and expert staff. Through the company’s water damage restoration services, which are put together using comprehensive and professional techniques, it is able to give its clients fast and efficient services that can handle all the water damages their properties have accrued.

The following services set the company above its competitors in terms of flexibility and thoroughness:


Water damage mitigation
Water extraction
Selective demolition
Emergency cleaning/repairs
Electronics restoration
Water, Wind, Flood
Wet Document Recovery
Emergency board-ups
Project management
Temporary power
Debris removal
Contents restoration
Structure restoration
Disaster plan preparedness
Mold remediation
Odor elimination
Emergency plumbing
Fine arts recovery
HVAC decontamination
Consulting and testing

On top of its water damage restoration services offered, we also provides plumbing and remodeling services to properties affected by natural disasters such as floods and water damage. Its plumbing solutions include replacement or repairs of sewer and service lines, sinks, faucets, bathtubs and showers, drains, toilets and pipes, and even septic tanks, grease traps, and water heaters.

Our company’s remodeling services on the other hand, aim to correct and restore post-water disaster situations the same way its plumbing services aid repair after water damage restoration. Disaster-damaged facilities can be rebuilt through the company’s remodeling services. Also, as a preventive measure, the company performs emergency board-up of windows, doors, and skylights.


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